Parents & Guardians

As you will be aware, we are always looking for more effective ways to keep our parents informed and engaged in their child’s learning journey and with new technology constantly being released, it’s important that we provide you with the most effective, yet simple to use tools available.

We’re excited to announce that we have now invested in Weduc, a new digital communication and engagement tool that has been designed specifically to improve the way that parents and school staff communicate. Some examples of how we will use Weduc are to send information and letters, gain permissions for visits, book special dinners and to keep you up-to-date on learning in school.

In order to benefit from this new tool please follow the simple steps outlined below.

Instructions for Android/ iPhone devices:

Step 1: Download the Weduc app onto your phone/tablet via your relevant App store.

Step 2: Once downloaded, open the app and click the Enrol link at the bottom of the login screen.

Step 3: Enter your unique enrolment code listed below and follow the in-app, step by step instructions to complete your registration.

Instructions for other web enabled devices:

Step 1: On an internet enabled device type the following enrolment link in your web browser.

Step 2: Enter the unique enrolment code listed below and click ‘Enrol’.

Step 3: Enter your email address and mobile phone number, then click ‘Confirm’.

Step 4: An activation email will be sent to your registered email address. Follow the instructions within this email to activate your account and set your password.

Step 5: Log on to Weduc using your newly created login details.