School Ethos

Our school motto ‘Penybont CARES by putting our children first, to be the best that they can be’ encapsulates everything about our school. We care. Our children come first and we support and challenge pupils to be the best that they can be.

Pupil wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do in our school, that starts the moment we greet our children and families on the gate every morning.

Dydd Gwener Gwych (DGG)

A key success to supporting pupil wellbeing in our school is our ‘Dydd Gwener Gwych’ provision. Dydd Gwener Gwych is our weekly wellbeing programme where every pupil in school comes ‘off timetable’ for the morning to participate in a range of extra curricular activities.

We aim to provide rich experiences for our pupils, to develop their schema, and spark enthusiasm for life.

The DGG activities take place both in at our school and in the local community, allowing us to take advantage of the wealth of resources and specialist provision that we have on our doorstep.

In providing such activities we are continually supporting and challenging pupils to achieve the core purposes of our curriculum.

The video below provides a small glimpse of some of the activities that our pupils participate in every Friday morning.

Extra Curricular Clubs

As you will see from the Extra Curricular Clubs page, our dedicated staff offer a range of exciting extra curricular clubs to our pupils. These include Film Club, tag rugby, rugby, football, netball, gardening, performing arts, art, Eco Club and gemau Cymraeg.

Curriculum For Penybont

We have developed, and are continuing to develop, our new ‘Curriculum for Penybont’. The aim of our curriculum is to provide quality, stimulating learning opportunities for our pupils.

Please see the curriculum page for more information

What Our Parents & Carers Say

Every January we publish a survey to our parents & carers to receive feedback and identify further ways to improve. I have included parent’s and carer’s comments below from the survey conducted in January 2023.

The teachers are absolutely amazing with ___, always making him feel welcome

Always telling me how he’s been and if I’ve had any problems or questions they’re so helpful.

Penybont is a very happy school! The teachers, staff and volunteers work tirelessly going above and beyond to give our children an amazing school experience. Thank you all!

 I’ve never had a problem with the school, the staff are incredible and I’m extremely lucky that some of the teachers now teaching my child taught me too! I wouldn’t want my babies to go anywhere else!

My son loves this school and teachers. We think this school is the best.

Fantasic school, teachers go above to help with any issues. I have recommended the school to many friends. Thank you all.

I strongly believe since covid 19 the school has improved and continues to do so each term. The children enjoy school a great deal and means so much more to them now than before.

 ___ loves coming to school and attending after school clubs. She has a very positive relationship with the year 5/6 team.

___ loves coming to school and he is making great progress.

The school is fantastic and always looking at new ways to give the children new experiences. My child has really enjoyed Dydd Gwener Gwych days and all the extra things the school offers alongside the usual curriculum

A very welcoming school that offers a variety of activities, clubs, events and learning opportunities to the pupils.

All members of staff (teachers, teaching assistants and receptionists) have all helped us with ___, when he didn’t want to attend school going above and beyond. 

Very happy with the school

Penybont is a lovely school, all teachers are amazing and my daughter is very happy.

The school is Brilliant my daughter settled in very well the teachers have been amazing with her and she’s learnt so much so quickly since being there.
Since ___ started Penybont in September, i have noticed that she is making good progress as she is with pupils the same ability as her and is pushed academically, but at her own pace.

Penybont is a well run school. As parents we are well informed with weekly newsletters, updates and important dates and activities via WEDUC. We can view children’s work on the seesaw platform. 

The school provides an experience rich curriculum with fun activities for the children of all abilities and backgrounds. My child enjoys coming to school and feels valued and safe. He knows that he has a voice and his opinion matters and will be heard. 
The staff are extremely approachable and support each child individually according to their needs.

Lovely atmosphere, my child always comes back from school happy, teachers work amazingly!

Both My children love coming to school. The school offers so much for the children in all aspects.

___ loves coming to school. Her teachers are so friendly, i love how the school does special days for the children.

___ is a great teacher, who communicates with us regarding ___. If there is an issue with ___ she is very prompt in advising us.

 ___’s reading has improved dramatically since he moved to ___ class, he loves his teachers so much.

 ___ always comes home learning something new each week/day Songs, numbers and letters.

We love how the teachers find exciting and innovative ways to approach themes and subjects. When ___ talks about her day it’s with enthusiasm, and it’s quite obvious that she’s had fun!
Throughout ___ years in the school, every teacher she has had, have worked so hard with ___ to help her in different aspects of her life. ___ in particular has kept communication open with myself and is so supportive or myself and ___.

___’s doing well in his lessons and tells me loads about what he’s learning.

I believe each child regardless of their needs receive exceptional support and learn a great deal from this school.

There were a few concerns at the beginning of the year and support has been put in place to help her with things she needs. She is always challenged enough but to the point where it’s not too difficult that she gives up

 ___ is an absolute credit, ___ is very stubborn and dislikes reading even though she’s strives in this! So kind and patient with ___.

Brilliant teaching, my daughter enjoys her reading and is building her confidence.

It’s amazing my daughter loves learning there and really enjoys it

The children are given a variety of opportunities to learn in different ways. Their learning environment is fun and engaging-making them want to learn and find out independently. They are given opportunities to help build their schema of experiences that they may not have otherwise. 

There are lots of after school club opportunities-sports/creative/arts/media-so something for everyone and also gives them an opportunity to try something new. 

___ has been given the opportunity to be a Big Bocs Bwyd representative-something that is making him feel very valued, proud and has given him the sense of responsibility and having a role .

A big thank you to ___ and all the teachers that help and look after my wee man. He loves coming to school everyday and you are the reason why. Thank you.

It’s a massive help having such lovely approachable teachers especially going into the first couple of years at school. Honestly I haven’t got a bad word to say. The staff are exceptional 

Continued improvements made, year on year. These changes all have a positive effect on pupils and parents. We are very lucky to have such a remarkable and caring school.

___ absolutely loves being a student in Penybont and has made some lovely friendships. It is such a positive school and i know my daughter is loved and safe at Penybont.

The school is amazing and really looks after the children’s well being educationally emotionally and mentally.

I think ___ is a fantastic teacher who has really gone out of her way to get to know my son and his interests and adjust work accordingly, especially last term when the Xmas activities where on for him.